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One of the main reasons people call roofers is to repair hail damage. Often after a hailstorm, itinerant contractors travel through affected neighborhoods bidding on projects. These low ball offers sound too good to pass up for many homeowners, and they end up hiring contractors who may not have adequate training or insurance to handle their roofing job. When searching for a Loveland roofing contractor, it's extremely important for homeowners to ask about the company's insurance and employee training policy so that negligent errors aren't likely to cause problems down the line.

Many homeowners might not consider what skills are required to properly install roof components. The roofing industry has become more stringent over the years. Shingle manufacturers provide factory training for licensed and certified roofers so that consumers who buy their shingles will be satisfied with their purchase for the lifetime of the shingles. These training programs help protect shingle makers' brand names and reputations. Around 70 percent of the complaints to the Better Business Bureau are related to roofing projects because there simply aren't enough safeguards to protect homeowners from unlicensed and underinsured contractors bidding on projects.

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When working with part time or semi professional roofers, homeowners are more likely to end up with roofs that have low energy performance and high maintenance costs. Usually, there aren't warranties available on roofing components that are sourced separately and combined into a mixed brand package. These problems are significant, but they're much less serious than the complications that can arise from hiring underinsured roofers. Contractors without insurance or bonding put their clients at risk of liability for injury and not being able to recoup losses from an unfinished project. An employee who is injured on a homeowner's property may be advised by an attorney to sue the homeowner if the contractor doesn't have adequate insurance. Aside from these worst case scenarios, untrained roofers can also cause disturbances to a homeowner's schedule and damage to landscaping and property.

The best policy is to always hire certified, licensed and insured roofers with a long history of satisfied customers. One way homeowners can know a roofer is reliable is by the GAF Master Elite seal of quality. To become Master Elite, roofers must have spotless business and financial records and provide ongoing factory training for employees. Only the top 3 percent of roofers qualify to be Master Elite, and they're able to offer enhanced system warranties and factory inspections on new roofs.

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