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Loveland Roofing: Article About Different Types Of Asphalt Shingles

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Many Loveland roofing specialists recommend for homeowners to invest in asphalt shingles if they are looking for a quick and affordable roofing job. These shingles are advantageous in that they are very easy to install, decorative and capable of lasting upwards of 25 years. While they may require a little bit more maintenance to get the most use out of them, many homeowners opt for this roofing system because of how versatile and cheap it can be. It gives them the protection they need without breaking the bank. In addition to their short and long term advantages, interested customers can choose between several different types of shingles to install. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages, and they are capable of providing the exterior with a unique look, based on what is selected.

One of the most commonly available types of asphalt shingles is called strip shingles. These shingles are almost three times longer than they are wide, available for purchase in both metric and standard dimensions. These shingles are often chosen for the home because of the number of cutouts that they have, making them easier to install and more sturdy when they are set. The most common of these types are known as three tab shingles. They may be purchased in any variety of textures and colors to create lighting and shadowing effects, based on their shape and the way their cutouts can align with each other.

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Laminated shingles are another option, though they are less common in residential applications than strip shingles. They are special in that they usually contain one more tab layer to establish additional thickness and protection from the elements. They may sometimes be called architectural shingles because they can create the illusion of depth on the rooftop, making them a popular option for custom roofing jobs. These are favored among artisans who enjoy custom work, but they are not very versatile and may not be ideal for nesting and other replacement procedures.

Finally, individuals can choose to invest in interlocking shingles for a more specialized installation. These individual shingles are designed to fasten to each other. Because of this function, they can provide homeowners with a much greater degree of wind resistance and moisture protection. They may be found in a variety of sizes and shapes, creating plenty of opportunities for unique designs as well. They may be purchased in large formats, which are particularly recommended for homeowners who want to create a more tile like appearance on their rooftops.

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