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Homeowners who face the prospect of a complete roof replacement must familiarize themselves with the average total costs of a new roof. On average, replacing a roof costs homeowners more than any other home repair or upgrade. Therefore, anyone who requires a new roof should learn how to calculate the average cost and identify other factors that affect the cost.

Several factors determine the total cost of a complete roof replacement. Loveland roofing companies tend to charge customers by the square, which is a 10x10 section of the roof totaling 100 square feet. As of 2015, the average installation cost per square foot of a three tab shingle roof including materials is $5 to $8. The price of complex installations such as concrete tile, composite roofs or wood shakes cost homeowners more per square than typical shingle installations. Therefore, a shingle roof that is 1,000 square feet costs homeowners an average of $8,000 using the higher of the two cost estimates, based on average prices for 2015.

Shingle roofs are the most popular type of roof in the United States. Low installation costs and an average 20 year life expectancy appeals to homeowners looking to save money on home repairs. However, homeowners can choose other options besides three tab shingles, such as dimensional shingles or architectural shingles.

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Higher grade shingles cost slightly more than three tab shingles while providing stronger protection than traditional shingles. The average life expectancy of dimensional shingles is 40 to 50 years.

Other factors determine the cost of a complete roof installation. The roof's pitch, which is the slope of a roof, affects the cost of installation. For example, a roof with a 4:12 pitch ratio shows that for every 12 inches of a horizontal slope, the roof rises vertically an additional four inches. Therefore, a roof with a 6:12 pitch ratio costs more because the roof slopes higher and hurts the contractor's ability to safely walk on the roof.

A roof's accessibility affects the overall cost of an installation. If contractors have a difficult time going to and from the roof to complete the installation, they may charge an additional fee for labor hours. Another factor to consider is the amount of labor hours it takes to tear off the existing roof. If the existing roof has multiple layers of shingles, it causes contractors additional time to prepare for the new installation. Contractors may charge higher labor costs for the extra work.

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