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Your commercial roof is one of the most important parts of your building and one of the most vulnerable. Once you've worked with your professional Loveland roofing contractor to design a roof that enhances and protects your building, employees and physical assets, you need to do all that you can to protect your roof from unnecessary damage and decay.

First, set up a semi-annual inspection schedule with your roofing contractor and your facilities or site manager. Add inspections to the schedule after storms and other extreme weather events. Routine inspections can catch issues before they cause costly damage, and regular reviews of your commercial roof also help your facilities manager to become familiar with the new roof system.

During the inspections, professionals will check inside the building for water stains, odors and even small leaks that may indicate bigger problems. While not all leaks are roof-related, some seemingly insignificant leaks may be a result of very expensive damage. If you see a leak between inspections, call your roofer.

Before your roofer arrives on site for an inspection, walk around the outside of your building, looking for trees that are blocking the roof or dropping leaves, branches and additional debris on the roof's surface. Make sure you have those branches and limbs removed before your roofer arrives so that access to the roof is clear and additional debris doesn't drop onto your roof after the inspections and cleanings are finished.

Your roofing professional will clear debris from the roof, HVAC units and other rooftop equipment to keep your roof's surface clear. They will check any skylights for age-related cracks or leaks in the domed cover, and they will also inspect around the skylights for secured flashing, intact caulking and fastenings.

Gutters, downspouts and drains are cleaned and checked by pouring water down them. With the region's susceptibility to hurricanes and tornadoes, professionals will make sure the gutter straps are secured and intact.

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They will also look at pitch pans to make sure they are in their correct place to prevent water leakage.

Your roof will also be examined for roof cover tears and frayed or cracked seams. If there are tears or cracks, water can seep below the cover and cause damage. Lightning protection systems will be checked to ensure they are properly connected. Loose aerials or metal cables can puncture or rip the roof cover and loose lightening protection systems cannot function as intended.

Bubbles in the roof cover may be a sign of trapped moisture or gasses. Over time, that trapped moisture can hasten your roof's aging, erode the cover's lifespan, cause leaks and prevent the roof cover's ability to withstand wind uplift. Your roof expert will watch for these bubbles during an inspection and may take a cut from them to determine whether they are caused by moisture or gas.

You roofer will also walk around the surface of the roof to spot places where water is accumulating. This "ponding" effect ages the roof and wears on the cover, causing leaks and mold. If you have a metal roof deck, these impromptu ponds can rust the deck, and if you have a wood roof deck, this standing water can rot it. If the standing water becomes extremely large, the additional weight can also weaken and compromise the roof.

Finally, all of the flashing on your roof will be inspected. Nearly all roof leaks are caused by flashing problems, and most of those flashing issues are a result of weather-related expansion and contraction that causes the flashing to crack and tear. Once the flashing is cracked, water can seep under and around its edges, causing leaks. Your roofer will ensure that it is not only intact, but that it is secured tightly so that wind gusts don't loosen it.

Your partnership with a trusted roofing professional is the key to keeping your building's roof safe and protected. With regular inspections and cleaning, your roofer can help ensure the lifespan of your commercial roof and protect your investment.

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