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The condition of a roof can affect a home's value. While a beautiful roof enhances the appearance of the rest of the home, it also needs to be in good condition for maximum efficiency. A clean roof makes it easier to spot any damage or structural problems before it becomes a major problem. Loveland roofing encourages homeowners to keep their roof clean.

The most common cosmetic roofing flaw is black streaks covering the shingles. These streaks, caused by algae that form and feast on the powdered limestone, are found in most asphalt roofing shingles. While the presence of algae causes no physical damage to the roof, the unsightly black streaks severely mar the appearance of the home.

A bucket full of soap and water combined with the application of a good scrub brush will clean the algae off. Bleach and water also work, though regular chlorine bleach should be avoided as it will damage the lawn if it drips from the roof. Oxygen bleach powder mixed in with water is found in most large stores and won't damage nearby vegetation.

When cleaning the roof, homeowners should use extreme caution. The addition of soap or bleach filled water will make the roof extremely slick. Investing in a pair of roofing shoes to get an extra grip without harming the shingles can be a lifesaver.

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Homeowners afraid of heights or not willing to risk venturing onto their roof may find hiring professional cleaners to take care of their roof a much better solution.

Power washing quickly and efficiently cleans a roof, but inherent dangers of combining water, a potentially steep roof and the use of heavy and unwieldy machinery are present. Unless the homeowner has experience with power washing, it's generally a good idea to leave any rooftop power washing to the professionals.

While not as common as algae, rooftop moss can be cause for greater concern. Moss thrives in dark, damp environments and grows on the parts of the roof that may not receive a lot of sunlight. The dampness of moss and its short roots can cause rot in and under the shingles. Moss chunks are easily removed by hand, and the same cleaning techniques used for algae are employed once the large chunks are gone. Most hardware stores carry special chemicals specifically designed to kill moss on a rooftop.

With a bit of care and attention, a roof will stay clean and healthy for years to come.

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