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Selecting and installing a new roof on your home may be one of the most important maintenance projects you'll ever do. Your trusted, knowledgeable Loveland roofing expert may suggest that you use asphalt, or composite, shingles for your new roof. Asphalt shingles have dozens of advantages, and discovering the benefits of these materials may help you understand why they could be a good fit for your home.

For affordability, it's difficult to find a roof that is more economical than one made of asphalt shingles. About half to a third of the cost of wood shake shingles, clay tiles and concrete tiles and about a quarter of the cost of slate roofing, composite shingles are an affordable option for many.

These affordable shingles come in two types of fabrication and in dozens of styles and colors, providing a versatility that is not found in most other types of roofing. Your roof expert may suggest either organic-based or fiberglass-based shingles, based on the weather conditions, your particular structure and local building requirements.

Organic-based asphalt shingles are made with a cellulose base like recycled wood fiber that is infused with a durable asphalt coating and topped with extremely weather-resistant mineral granules. Organic asphalt shingles are terrific for the Loveland area because they are very resistant to wind, perform well in cold and warm conditions and have a high tear strength.

On the other hand, fiberglass-based asphalt shingles start with a base of glass fibers. Like the organic-based shingles, fiberglass shingles are coated in asphalt and enveloped in weather-resistant mineral coatings. Fiberglass-based shingles often offer better moisture protection than organic-based shingles and tend to be more fire resistant.

Beautiful with any architectural style, composite shingles are available in dozens of hues, designs and profiles. Custom homes with unique roof lines and architectural features are enhanced with designer asphalt shingles that feature dimensional designs, custom color palettes and creative shapes. For others, the aesthetic appeal of composite shingles comes from their vast array of colors. Welcoming earth tones, appealing dark grays and refreshing, light colors are all available in a host of styles and thicknesses.

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Asphalt shingles even offer more environmentally friendly options with special reflective composite shingles that are designed to reduce your home's temperature.

These versatile shingles are fairly easy for experienced roofers to install, as well, creating even greater affordability with installation costs. In cases where the existing roof is not brittle, uneven, warped or unsound, asphalt shingles can be applied directly on top of the roof. Some town ordinances won't allow more than two layers of shingles, and you'll want to make sure that your home structure can withstand the weight of additional roof layers. For these reasons, it's very important to use an established local company that is experienced in all aspects of construction and local ordinances.

Having a roof that can withstand local weather conditions and fire is critical. It can get windy here, and tornadoes are always a concern, so make sure that your professional roofer uses asphalt shingles that carry a wind resistance label. The label certifies that the shingles are acceptable for high-wind areas. In fact, depending on your home's location and exposure to wind, your expert roofer may recommend that your asphalt shingles be applied with hand-tabbing to ensure it withstands gusty winds during cooler installation months.

Offering greater fire protection for your family, asphalt shingles are rated in varying classes for their ability to resist external fire. Shingles with a Class A fire rating offer the highest fire resistance; classes B and C follow with descending degrees of fire resistance. Talk with your roofer about the level of fire resistance that is appropriate for your home.

Determining what type of roof best suits your house can be a tough decision, but your professional, knowledgeable roofer is there to work with you. Develop a partnership with your roofer. Ask questions, be clear about what you want and need and carefully listen to your experienced roofer's advice. Together, you can find the asphalt shingle style that best protects your home while enhancing its style.

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