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Asphalt shingles have always been a popular choice for homeowners and roofers. They are affordable, easy to install when compared to other roofing options, resistant to weather and fire damage and capable of lasting as long as 30 years with proper maintenance. In order for these shingles to be up to standards, they are usually tested under quality control regulations before they are purchased by Loveland roofing specialists.

Quality control takes place during all stages of the equipment's manufacture. It begins with testing of the base material with different standards used for both organic and fiberglass mats. It is vital to test early because the material must perform well enough throughout the manufacturing to perform well as a final product. The base material must remain solid and in the desirable state throughout the process. Organic mats are especially heavily monitored to make sure they retain the proper absorbency and moisture content throughout their creation. Fiberglass mats are usually monitored according to the appropriate weight and fiber distribution ratios.

Aside from the special care given to the two types of asphalt shingles, many other characteristics are monitored throughout the process. These include traits such as overall uniformity and thickness in the coating. When the mineral coatings are applied to provide additional stability and protection to the products, they are tested for proper embedding and uniform distribution.

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When the products are finally ready, they are inspected for their weight, count, color and overall size.

In addition to the testing that takes place at the manufacturing facilities, shingle manufacturers will also send the material to third party independent laboratories to inspect the completed shingles. These professionals will test the product's compliance with the appropriate ratings as defined by the UL and the ASTM. These ratings are designed to make sure that all of the completed products meet the desired standards for strength, wind and fire resistance.

During the production, asphalt coated waste will be gathered and disposed of according to the manufacturer's standards. In some instances, the waste is simply disposed of in the appropriate dumpsites, following standard disposal procedures. In other cases, the waste may be sold to other manufacturers for use in creating asphalt pavement for roads, despite the waste not having to follow any particular quality standards. While this is a possibility, it is rare, however, because most shipping costs will not allow for practical sales unless the paving processing plant is close to the shingle one.

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