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Loveland Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Snow Guards

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Snow and ice are some of the biggest dangers that challenge the integrity of a homeowner's roof and the beauty of surrounding areas. When too much weight begins to settle on any single part of the roof, the entire home may suffer. The accumulating weight can result in water damage, structural weakening and other problems that will need costly repairs to resolve. Fortunately, Loveland roofing specialists can install functional equipment along the surface of the roof that can help prevent such damage. Snow guards are specially designed devices that attach to the slopes of certain roofing surfaces. The correct placement of such equipment can greatly reduce the potential of snow damage and help the homeowner control the movement of larger sheets of snow that collect after snowfalls.

When snow and ice accumulate on the roof's surface, the heat generated by the building and the slow rising of outside temperatures can cause the snow to melt. When the snow melts too quickly, a film of water will develop between the layers of snow and the surface of the roof. This water lubricates the snow, resulting in a sudden avalanche that can threaten to damage the roof's shingles.

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Snow retention systems are made to break this fall and hold the snow on the roof. This weight will then fall off in small, controlled amounts or melt evenly, resulting in a more uniform distribution that takes the stress off of strategic sections in the snow.

These systems are excellent at reducing damage to surrounding objects, such as vehicles, landscaping sections, gutters and other plumbing vents, skylights and adjacent roofs. They are a practical and cost effective way to help reduce the potential damage of falling snow without adding too much additional detailing to the roof itself. They can be installed on just about any roof's surface and are not limited to any single type of roofing system. They work the same with metal, wood and slate roofing systems, with some stylish variations available.

Determining what type of snow retention system the homeowner needs will depend largely on what sections of the home they want to protect from snow damage. As such, not every home will need to have such a system installed, but it is highly recommended for those who regularly experience heavy snow accumulation. Some homes may come with cricket sections around chimneys to keep the weight off, but snow retention systems are meant to provide a specialized long term solution for the entire roofing system.

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