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Loveland Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Architectural Shingles

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When installing new roofs, it has become increasingly common for many Loveland roofing companies to install architectural or dimensional shingles as opposed to standard asphalt shingles, such as three tab or t lock shingles, and this is a trend throughout North America. Architectural shingles do cost more than standard asphalt shingles, and for the homeowner who does not understand the allure, it may be worthwhile to consider the benefits that may make that additional expense worth it.

The most prominent advantage of architectural shingles is the aesthetic quality. When it comes to standard asphalt shingles, customers are limited in terms of color choice and texture, and roofers are limited in terms of patterns. Architectural shingles, on the other hand, allow for greater pattern variation, and that flexibility allows for distinctive designs. In fact, it is possible to install architectural shingles in a manner that recreates the aesthetic of wood and slate roofs but at a much lesser cost.

Another important advantage that architectural shingles provide is longevity. Standard asphalt shingles rarely come with a basic warranty that extends past 15 years, and an asphalt shingle roof that lasts 25 years is deemed to have been an excellent value for the homeowner. Dimensional shingles, however, easily last 25 years, and it is not unusual for them to last 50 years or even longer.

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Durability is a significant component of that added longevity. Standard asphalt shingles are thin and lightweight, and that makes them prone to breakage from strong wind, hail and other types of weather. Most homeowners with a standard asphalt roof will have to replace at least a handful of standard shingles every several years. Architectural shingles are substantially thicker and therefore better able to withstand the impact, which makes it much less likely for them to break or tear off the roof completely.

This added durability and longevity is reflected in the warranties from most major shingle manufacturers. Architectural shingles tend to come with a basic warranty with a term of 25 to 30 years, and many come with a lifetime extended warranty. A lifetime extended warranty means that the homeowner is protected against manufacturer defects until the roof is replaced.

A new roof installed using architectural shingles will cost more up front. Nevertheless, the total cost of ownership of a new architectural roof is often less than that of a standard asphalt roof. Homeowners should carefully weigh that long term cost when determining if architectural shingles make sense for their home.

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