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There are many signs that a homeowner may need to repair or replace the roof of his or her home. Curling or buckling of the shingles on the roof, broken or missing shingles, missing granules and bare spots on asphalt shingles as well as dark spots are all important signs whether visible from the ground or rooftop. Other indicators that homeowners can observe from the attic area include roof leaks, mold and the ability to see light through cracks or holes in the roof. Soffits, flashing, downspouts and gutters should also be inspected for damage.

If any of these signs are found, the homeowner should contact an experienced, reputable Loveland roofing contractor for an immediate inspection. A roofing inspector will go beyond what can be seen from the ground or rooftop and identify the source of the issues, if any, to propose a proper resolution. Roof damage that is left unaddressed can result in additional costs in the form of damaged roof trusses, water spots and damage to interior ceilings and walls, improper ventilation in the attic area, basement flooding due to improper guttering and directing of rain or melt and much more.

The roofing contractor's recommendation may allow for repairs to the existing roof. These repairs will be suggested if they will extend the life of the existing roof while adequately protecting the home. If repairing the existing roof will not provide adequate protection, the roofing inspector will recommend a roof replacement. The cost of replacing the roof of a home will vary depending on the square footage of the home, roof pitch, peaks, materials used and more.

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Roof replacement is an investment in the condition and quality of the entire home. The condition of a home's roof is one of the biggest factors buyers consider when purchasing a new home. According to some data, the average cost of a new roof in the mountain zone is $17,888. That average investment resulted in an average of $11,585 added to the estimated resale value of the home due to the new roof. That is an outstanding 65 percent return on investment.

If a roof replacement is necessary, it also presents the opportunity to update the look of the home. In the time since the roof was last replaced, there are likely many new options for the homeowner in shingle styles, colors and options. As a result of the shingle updates, the home can take on an entirely new look resulting in improved curb appeal further increasing the resale value of the home.

In addition to updated styles and color choices, today's shingles offer improved value and protection for the home. A GAF Master Elite contractor can offer high quality shingles that will extend the lifetime of the homeowner's new roof as well. With one of the best roofing warranties available, the homeowner can be sure that they will minimize any out of pocket expenses for many years to come.

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