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Of the many things that go into determining the habitability of your home, your roof is among the most important. So much of the health and safety of the people in your home relies on your roof that it stands alone as one of the most important aspects of what makes your home livable. This is such a big deal that often your roof will be the first thing someone calls in to a zoning enforcement officer when it starts to fall into disrepair. This is because an unsafe roof can put more people in danger than just you. In the most practical terms possible, having a solid roof is both a concern for your family and a concern for the public. Thankfully, there are qualified Longmont roofing contractors who are able to provide you with the exact services you need to stay on the right side of zoning laws.

First, you should look into the specific standards utilized in your local area. There are national standards that provide an overall framework for what defines a habitable and inhabitable home, but local municipalities often add in their own extra components. While it may sound like a sensationalist way to word things, the truth is that it's much easier for a home to be considered a habitability concern than most people think.

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Most people think of big extremes when they hear the term "uninhabitable." However, this doesn't refer to a personal view on a property so much as it refers to a very definite set of government standards that are easier to fall below than most people think.

For example, after a large storm you may find that a big tree branch fell onto your roof and created a puncture in your roof. If you decide to save the money until later on in the season and just put some plastic sheeting over the hole, which may seem reasonable to you. However, most municipal code enforcement agencies would label that a habitability concern that needs to be addressed. This is just one example of how simple, non-sensational things can happen to your roof that can place you in an awkward position in terms of sustainability. Unfortunately, there are many others to worry about.

In the end, it's not as grim as it may sound. The truth is that with regular maintenance and cleaning, your roof will stay in great shape for years without any issue. It really falls to you to ensure that you're working with a qualified roof cleaning and maintenance contractor to keep your roof in working order. While this may seem like "just another expense" to some people, it's really just an investment in your home that can save you a lot of trouble and headaches.

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