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Slate roofing has seen a surge in popularity in recent times. More homeowners are learning about the benefits that come with well installed slate tiles and are taking advantage of the material for their own homes. For beginning customers, however, it is important to become more familiar with the variety of options that Longmont roofing specialists can provide in order to make the best possible purchase.

Standard slate roofing is usually smooth and matte. The slates used for these systems can vary in their color, thickness and size, but they are ultimately all designed to provide customers with the same grade of slate. Most standard slate roofs will use slates that are between 3/16 and 1/4 inches thick, all purchased in a uniform length. These options will have square tails to lead them in a regular shingling line pattern.

Another type of installation available is textured. These rooftops will use roughly textured slate with varying thicknesses and uneven butts to create a more rustic and quaint look. Sometimes different shades and sizes will be used as well, further adding to the seemingly old fashioned appearance of this roofing system.

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While this eclectic mix of sizes and colors will fit right in with a pastoral home, its effect may be lost on a more modern exterior.

Graduated slate roofing options will use slates of varying sizes and thicknesses, arranging them according to their size. Larger slates are often used at the eaves of the roof, while smaller ones, with less overall shingle exposure, are placed at the ridge. A well installed graduated roof will create a smooth transition from the largest tiles to the smallest ones. This style can add depth and charm to any roof, but its appearance may be lost over time. Proper maintenance will help preserve it, but enough repair work will ultimately mar the effect over the years.

Finally, there are several different customization options that may be considered according to the amount of overlap between all of the shingles. Homeowners are strongly advised to speak with roofing professionals to determine whether or not their region is appropriate for certain overlap patterns. Because of the way these tiles are arranged, there may be an excessive amount of open joints exposed along the surface of the roof. While it is a relatively attractive system that can add value to the home, it is particularly vulnerable to damage from the elements, especially wind driven rain, which can blow lighter shingles off the roof.

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