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The state of Colorado is often in the forefront of implementing policies and procedures that help the environment and keep the earth greener. The roofing industry is no exception. Solar shingles are a modern roofing material that helps homeowners save money as well as reduce their carbon footprint. Solar shingles not only protect the roof, but they harness energy from the sun to power the home. Unlike awkward and ungainly solar arrays, solar shingles are small and are crafted to resemble typical roofing materials, like asphalt shingle or tile. Solar shingles are intended to be used in conjunction with other, more traditional, roofing materials so that they blend seamlessly with the décor of the home. A certified Longmont roofing professional can help interested homeowners determine if solar shingles are the right roofing product for them.

Although the cost of purchasing and installing a solar shingle roof has decreased over the last few years, it will still cost more than a traditional roof. However, solar shingle roofs have advantages over asphalt and other roofing materials that make them a better long term investment.

Solar shingles are made up of photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and transform it into energy. This is the same process by which all solar products function, and it is an effective way to harness power.

The roofing contractor experts at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont CO can assist you with questions about shingles or flashing.

The beauty of the solar shingle is in its dual purpose. In addition to creating power, the shingle protects the roof decking and the rest of the structure just as a typical shingle would. Solar shingles are very durable and will stand up to severe weather, even wind and hail.

As the sun's energy is captured, it is transmitted via wires to an inverter box. This small box transforms the direct current that the sun provides to the alternating current that the home uses. The energy travels from the inverter box directly to the home's electrical grid where it then powers the home. There is very little waste involved in the process, and it is possible in some instances that enough electricity is produced to power 100 percent of a home's needs. If excess energy is harnessed, it can be sold back to the power company.

The amount of power produced depends on a number of factors, like the amount of sunlight an area receives throughout the year, the amount of southern exposure and the size of the system. A certified roofer can answer the homeowner's questions to help them make the best decision.

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