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When homeowners need to install a roofing system proven to be durable and reliable, slate is often one of the most immediately considered options. Longmont roofing professionals can provide clients with all types of slate installations. Once all the tiles have been set up, however, it is up to the homeowner to maintain them. Slate is sturdy and efficient, but even the highest quality installation will still begin to deteriorate over time. Fortunately, inspecting a slate roof can be easy when you know what to look for.

It is recommended to always begin by looking for damage inside of the home. Homeowners should check for signs of moisture on the rafters and around the attic. Slate tiles can absorb moisture as they begin to fail, which causes rot in the room. If there are signs of such problems present, the system will need to be replaced. Homeowners should make sure to check the second and first floors as well.

If there is no water damage present, individuals should proceed by going outside to examine the roof. To do this, they should take care to set up a ladder safely against the roof where the person can climb up to look for visible signs of damage. They should pay special attention to the metal flashings and gutters.

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If these sections of the roof are responsible for the leaks, they can be replaced without needing to remove the whole system.

Once this is done, the homeowner should then inspect the roof with binoculars. After putting some distance between themselves and their home, they should try to locate any cracked, missing or slipping sections of tile. If they notice the damage in one specific area, other building materials might be at fault. If the damage is spread out along the entire roof's surface, the whole roof might need to be replaced.

The individual should then return to the area around their home and check for fallen slate tiles. These tiles can be checked for their condition with a simple tap. If they are resonant, they are still in good condition, but if they make a duller sound, then they are not. Tiles that are in bad condition may suggest overall damage to the roof while ones that are in good condition suggest problems with the fasteners. Once this inspection is complete, the homeowner is encouraged to call their local roofing professionals to schedule for a consultation. It is strongly recommended for them to report their findings to make the job easier for the contractors.

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