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Depending on the homeowner's region, watching out for wind damage is one of the individual's most important maintenance duties. A roof that is not properly prepared to deal with strong winds may not only lead to damage to the rooftop but to the interior of the home as well. Fierce winds can blow away shingles and expose the underlayment to weathering and other harmful effects. High winds during rainstorms can drive moisture underneath the roof's flashing, resulting in damage to the deck that can spread throughout the home if it is not checked. Fortunately, learning about wind resistance and what role the shingles can play in mitigating potential damage can lead to more intelligent installations from Longmont roofing professionals.

Most ordinary shingles carry an average 60 mph wind resistance rating. This may be enough for standard installations around areas that do not regularly experience wind damage, but individuals may want additional coverage if they live in a more dangerous location. Some specialty shingles may be installed with a rating that can go as high 130 mph. Laboratory testing is usually performed in a controlled environment to determine how well the integrity of the shingle can hold up against high winds. While it does not exactly predict the shingle's actual performance in the event of a storm, higher rated shingles will always perform better.

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Shingles that are rated over 100 mph will need to be installed with additional nails in order to ensure that they perform as intended. They require two extra nails for a total of six. Experts will also need to supply the appropriate amount of plastic roofing cement to help these shingles have a more noticeable effect. However, no matter the type of shingle that the homeowner orders, it is important to remember that the wind resistance rating is not equal to a warranty. Homeowners may choose to invest in a specialized wind resistance warranty that can further guarantee the desired performance.

In addition to the right nails, professionals will also apply the appropriate shingle cellophane strip sealant. The right glue strips can guarantee better performance, and it is highly recommended for customers to ask their professionals about the equipment that they use in order to make better decisions on their roofing. The roof's pitch, orientation in regards to the winds and size can all play a role in determining the extent of the wind damage as well. All homeowners are strongly encouraged to collaborate with their local roofers to learn more about their wind resistance options.

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