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The sun shines on average for around 300 days per year in Colorado, which might lead someone to think that gutters are not very important. However, gutters are critical during the winter to remove water from melting snow so that it does not collect around foundations where it could freeze and damage concrete. An experienced Longmont roofing company understands the requirements of local gutter systems.

On an older house, gutters are often made of 10 foot sections of aluminum. The joints between sections are where leaks often develop. This water goes straight down to the ground and collects around foundations.

Seamless steel gutters that are suitable for Colorado are made from heavy gauge steel instead of aluminum. Steel is much stronger and can stand up to the weight of snow. It is also less susceptible to damage from hail. Steel gutters are often custom made onsite. They are formed from coils of steel to the precise length needed for each section of the roof. With no joints to develop leaks over time, one of the major issues with older style gutters is permanently eliminated.

Traditional gutters are typically 4 inches wide.

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This width is usually adequate for rainfall in Colorado but is often not equal to the task of handling excessive snowfall. Most contractors have increased gutter width to 5 inches. Wider gutters, usually combined with hidden mounts, improve appearance and the mounts can be spaced closer together to prevent sagging from heavy snow loads. This also makes them less susceptible to damage from high winds. Total roof area is an important consideration in determining ideal gutter width.

Steel gutters are made in assorted colors to match or contrast attractively with the house. Gutters and matching downspouts will never need to be painted, and the color coatings are formulated not to fade from exposure to intense sunlight.

Homeowners may also choose to have gutter guards installed in order to prevent leaves and pine needles from accumulating inside gutters. Along with eliminating the dangerous necessity of cleaning the gutters, water is prevented from sitting in the gutters, where it could eventually lead to corrosion.

Seamless construction, much lower maintenance and improved appearance are several reasons to consider steel gutters as one option for gutter replacement projects. Custom fitting and manufacturing the gutters on the jobsite may take a few days, and the initial cost is higher, but over the life of the gutters, the difference is minimal.

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