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As a homeowner, the more you know about your home, the better off you are. Your roof is one of the most important structural components as it keeps the substructure of your building safe and protected from the outside elements. Not only will having a full understanding of your roof's anatomy be beneficial when it comes to performing inspections, but you'll also be able to have a knowledgeable discussion about your roof's needs with your trusted Longmont roofing contractor.

The roof framing is the general term for the components that go into the support for the roof. Additionally, the framing will also determine what shape and pitch your roof will have. Since the purpose of the roof is to protect the interior living space against the elements, the components and roof portions are designed to join in a way that will shed water. These components are known as valleys, hips, eaves and dormers.

A valley is used when a home has an internal corner it its design. The valley itself is the "v" shape that is created when two sections of a roof meet. Most roof valleys are made from either lead or fiberglass that guide water and moisture from the top to the edge. The valley is supported by its own rafter.

A hip is where two sections of roofing meet at an external angle.

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Roofs that only have hips and no valleys are known as hip roofs and are generally square or rectangular in shape. Each hip has a hip rafter, which is the main rafter that provides the support for that portion of the roof.

The eave is the bottom portion of the roof that often overhangs. The point of the eave is to ensure that any water that falls on the roof is brought away from the walls. They also protect the area where the roof and the wall meet. In many cases, the eave also protects any openings in the underside of the roof for ventilation purposes against the environment.

Underneath the eaves, you may find the fascia and the soffit. The fascia is a board that is installed over the ends of the roof rafters to protect the substructure. The soffit is the under portion of the eaves. Vents are often fitted into the soffit so that fresh air can enter into the attic.

Dormers are a structural element in a roof that adds additional living space into the roof surface. The section of the living space usually protrudes from the general structure. The framing for the dormers can follow the general design of the roof.

These terms comprise a number of roof elements that you should know. This way, when you are discussing the condition of your roof with your contractor, you'll be able to understand what they are talking about, especially if repairs need to be completed.

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