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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Depending on the material, it can keep your property dry, clean and well-insulated. However, the shingles that play a role in protecting your home can take quite a battering from the weather conditions in your area. They'll need to be replaced as time goes on, but if your budget is too tight to hire a contractor, think about trying your hand at fixing and replacing your own shingles. If you do your homework and measure twice before cutting once, you can take care of your Longmont roofing for years to come. You will still have to pay for materials, but you'll be spending your own time on the project and learning valuable skills in the process. Here is a short guide to replacing shingles on your rooftop.

You will first need to set up a structure that you can use to safely move around your rooftop. You can nail a thick wooden board to the side of your roof that you can rest your feet on while you grip onto parts of the roof. You won't be able to stand on it, but it will give you a way to stay stable on a sloped surface. You should always have someone nearby who can help when you are working on the roof; your safety isn't worth the cost of saving money on shingles.

You'll then need to get rid of any damaged or old shingles using the claw end of a regular hammer.

The roofing contractor experts at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont CO can assist you with questions about industrial roofing or commercial roofing.

Make sure that you also get rid of all of the nails or staples that may have been used to secure them as well as any roofing felt or lining left underneath the shingles.

Check that your shingles are all matching and are all cut to the same size. This will prevent future issues with leaks or damage due to wind, water and snow. Next, you can start at the bottom and apply your roofing felt. Nail the shingles into the felt one layer at a time, and overlap the next ones until you reach the top of your roof. By overlapping them, you can prevent leaks.

Finally, don't be afraid to admit that you need help. If the process isn't going as planned, you can always consult a professional. It's far better to get some advice than to be stubborn and have a leaky roof or end up sustaining an injury while you're trying to fix it.

Keeping your roof in good working order can help to keep the rest of your house in peak condition. However, you don't have to break your budget in order to replace the shingles on your rooftop. By applying a little know-how and common sense, you can quickly and safely put new shingles on your roof all by yourself.

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