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Not all roofs are created equal. For this reason, the repair procedures used will vary from roof to roof. Most Longmont roofing professionals would readily agree that the easiest style of roof to repair is one that has shingles. Finding the source of a leak on a shingled roof is challenging, but it can usually be accomplished by following a systematic and methodical technique. Roofers would first look at the area on the roof that is above visible leak marks in the home's ceiling. From there, they would examine locations where multiple surfaces meet. This would include examining the area around the chimneys or vents. Trouble spots would include breaks in the flashings or the caulking, and spaces in the lines of the roof cement.

If this superficial inspection does not reveal the source of the leak, then a more in-depth search will need to be performed. This would include looking at the shingles for deterioration and determining if the roof has adequate flashings. Problems that involve just one shingle can be repaired easily. A shingle that has curled back can usually be reattached using asphalt roof cement or any other roofing compound that can be purchased at a local hardware store.

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Shingles are more malleable in warm weather, so it is easier to straighten out a curled shingle during the summer.

During the winter months, shingles have a propensity to break, so they may need to be softened prior to straightening them out. This could be done by simply using a propane torch and carefully heating up the curled edges of the shingle. The goal is to heat the shingle to the point where it can be straightened out but not heated so much that it catches on fire. After the shingle has been straightened, an ample supply of roof cement should be applied to each corner of the shingle. Consistent pressure should be applied to the shingle for approximately 30 seconds to keep it in place.

If a roof inspection reveals that a shingle is rotten, or if there are shingles that are missing from the roof entirely, these can easily be replaced with a new one. Any shingle that can be removed from the roof with absolutely no effort has deteriorated to the point where it should be replaced. If there are large patches of the roof that have rotted or deteriorated shingles, this may be an indication that the entire roof needs to be replaced. An entire roof replacement is a time-consuming and specialized job. Most homeowners will opt to contract this work out to a professional roofer instead of running the risk of doing the job inadequately themselves.

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