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While the quality and durability of flat residential rooftops has definitely come a long way in recent years, this style of roofing has some distinct disadvantages when compared to traditional pitched roofs. While it might seem like a fun concept and a great opportunity for a rooftop garden or deck, your Longmont roofing will need extra care and attention if it is flat.

Flat roofs tend to be more susceptible to leaking than their pitched counterparts. They actually have a very slight pitch in order to help rainwater or snow drain away from the roof of the house. However, water can sometimes pool on the roof in older homes or in properties where the roof and its underlying membrane were poorly installed. This can quickly lead to long-term damage.

You might notice that more leaves, branches and debris get caught in your gutters downspouts when you have a flat roof. Consider installing a leaf guard to catch the worst offenders. You should also clean the gutters on a regular basis as clogs can lead to water collecting on the roof. A flat roof may also need a siphon in order to keep water and moisture from concentrating and causing strain to the existing structure.

A flat roof can also become strained after the application of a very reasonable amount of weight. Many flat roof owners get very excited about the idea of a deck on the roof or a relaxing garden of some kind.

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However, the pressure from furniture and people is not spread out very well, and it tends to concentrate wherever it is heaviest. An older flat roof might simply collapse if too many people are on it or if holes are drilled into it to cater for appliances or heavy deck furniture.

Another downside is that a flat roof will have a shorter lifespan. In comparison to pitched roofs, a flat one will last a third of the time. You might have to do maintenance work on it every year and have it replaced entirely every 5 to 10 years.

Ultimately, a flat roof needs more observation and maintenance than a pitched roof and may not be a good option for homeowners with little time and money to spend on repairs. However, your experiences will vary based on whether your house and roof are relatively new. In this instance, you will most likely have fewer problems. An older house and an older flat roof, however, will have to be looked after carefully in order to prevent leaks, water damage or even a collapse. Performing regular maintenance is the best way to save money, and vigilance will keep your flat roof in good condition for years to come.

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