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Most homeowners know that keeping the roof clean is an important part of extending the life of the material. Unfortunately, most people don't know the proper way to clean their roofs and why they should never use a pressure washer as a quick cleaning solution. Homeowners should always hire Longmont roofing experts to ensure that their roofs are cleaned properly without causing damage.

Homeowners often think that using a high powered pressure washer is a quick way to remove unwanted debris such as moss from roofs. While some pressure washing companies advertise that their machines are safe for homeowners to clean their own roofs, this is untrue for two reasons. First, pressure washers damage roofing systems. Most roofing companies even say that pressure washing a roof voids the manufacturer warranty. Second, homeowners should never attempt to clean their own roofs. When roofs get wet, they can become slippery and put the homeowners in a dangerous position.

One reason why a pressure washer is not a good tool to use is because there are too many variables to worry about. For example, if the output of water pressure is not regulated properly, it can cause significant damage to the roofing material.

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In some cases, the high pressure can even rip shingles and other roofing materials from the foundation.

Of course, it's not just the roofing material itself that homeowners have to worry about. The fixtures located on the roof need to be considered as well. This includes but isn't limited to flashing, skylights and vents. The power of a pressure washer is strong enough to cause damage to most of these fixtures.

The problems that are caused by pressure washing a roof stem from the fact that roofing materials aren't designed to withstand high levels of direct water pressure. Even if no leaks are caused the first time a homeowner pressure washes a roof, damage has already been caused to the roofing material, effectively lowering its life expectancy.

Roofers say that pressure washers cause roofs to deteriorate three times faster than roofs that haven't been pressure washed. The force of the water coming out of the machine is strong enough to break the adhesive bond used to hold shingles in place. When shingles are lifted out of place, water gains access to the underlayment. Pressure washers can also quickly tear the underlayment, allowing moisture to penetrate to the roofing deck. Additionally, the water washes away the protective granules on top of the shingles, making them extremely susceptible to UV damage from the sun.

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