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The impact of a storm on your home can be minor or severe. While the magnitude of the storm may play a large part in how much damage is possible, your own preparations can make a difference as well. It's important to make preparations just prior to the onset of a storm, but it is equally important to take preventive steps when stormy weather isn't in the forecast. Longmont roofing professionals can evaluate your roofing system for readiness and recommend updates that may improve your ability to limit or avoid storm-related damage.

Roofing maintenance is one of the most important ways to develop an understanding of your vulnerabilities. Potentially leaky areas can be pinpointed so that basic repairs can be completed at your convenience. The life of your roofing system can be assessed so that you have a better idea of when to need significant updates. Additionally, your interior roofing structure can be checked for important support issues. A thorough inspection of both inside and outside factors may be needed at least once to address storm-related concerns. After this, annual maintenance visits are important for addressing problems related to wear and the age of your roofing system.

According to FEMA, the most vulnerable type of roof in hurricane-force winds is a gabled roof, and both the sheathing and braces for such a roof can be evaluated for wind-resistant qualities. Nail lengths can affect how securely sheathing will hold to the trusses.

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Additionally, it's important to note if any nails have missed the trusses when driven. As vulnerabilities are pinpointed, your contractor can make recommendations for improving the storm-resistant qualities of your roof. Additionally, the contractor may recommend hurricane straps if your area is subject to high winds related to hurricanes or other bad weather.

Maintenance of your roofing system can also help in guarding against storm damage. One of the simplest tasks is keeping your gutter guards clean. Debris can build up in your gutters, causing water to back up during a rain storm. If water pools on your roof, it can lead to a compromise in your shingles and underlayment. It may also infiltrate venting areas if it isn't able to flow appropriately. You may want to consider installing gutter guards to keep debris from settling into the area through which water is intended to flow. Take time to check your gutters regularly, especially after storms, to ensure that clear paths for water are provided.

It's not always possible to avoid damage during a storm. However, researching the trends in your community will allow you to target those roofing issues most significant in your home. With the cooperation of a roofing professional, you can analyze the condition of your roofing system so that relevant improvements can be made.

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