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Most people are well aware that ponding water on rooftops will definitely cause trouble if it is not cleared up right away. However, you may not be aware that the cumulative effects of ponding water can lead to long-term problems with your roof. You might think that one instance of ponding may not seriously hurt your property, but roofs that are susceptible to this problem tend to experience it again and again until the roof is repaired and strengthened. Your Longmont roofing could be at risk, and you could end up with a property owner's worst nightmare. Could you recover financially from your home or business sustaining structural damage due to continuous or repeat ponding? Here are some of the consequences you could face if you let the problem go on for too long.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the weight load that ponding puts on your rooftop. Your roof can only handle so much pressure before the structure that keeps it together begins to weaken and erode. If the water is not removed straight away, you could face the deck of your roof bending or warping. In turn, this could make more room for water to pond on your roof, which will weaken it further.

The roofing contractor experts at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont CO can assist you with questions about shingles or flashing.

Does your property have a roofing membrane in order to whisk away water from the surface? If it does, then you need to be aware of the fact that prolonged ponding can deteriorate this protective layer. This can further complicate the structural problems your roof may be experiencing.

Another concern is that local weather will greatly affect any water which has ponded on your roof. As water freezes and melts, it contracts and expands. This scrapes along the protective membrane of your rooftop, leaving it open to further deterioration and possibly opening up the interior of your house to long-term damage that will be expensive to fix.

If you cannot fix your continuous issues with ponding, you may notice vegetation, algae, mildew and mold growth in your roofing. This can be caused by the eroded membrane in your roofing, which will let rain water into your property. Rain water is not entirely clean, and it will carry with it any substances left on your rooftop. The mold and vegetation can clog up your gutters and even your plumbing, which will lead to more ponding problems.

Ponding is a very serious concern that needs to be addressed straight away. Your roof could collapse, or you could start seeing the signs of water damage in the walls of your property. Left long enough, you could face legal ramifications from your city or local municipality. Don't wait be sure to fix your roof as soon as you can.

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