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Individuals interested in building their houses from the ground up will need to collaborate with all of the right contractors to create the perfect plans for their future home. While floor schematics and selections can be handled by the appropriate specialists, many first time homeowners will struggle with establishing a roof that can match the rest of their surroundings. With so many different options to choose from, Longmont roofing specialists recommend for homeowners to think about the stylish and practical advantages that come with each roofing type.

One of the most commonly chosen types is known as the gable roof. Gable roof designs are among the simpler styles available, and individuals value these rooftops for their traditional appeal. They look like a simple inverted V, and they are not ideal for windy areas because they may capture wind flow, accentuating potential damage.

Flat rooftops are always viable options as well. These are especially common in commercial locations, though many modern homes enjoy utilizing their simple and elegant designs as well. They have little to no pitch and have been steadily rising in popularity over the last several years.

Another common roofing style is the hip roof. This roof is particularly common in residential locations because of its versatile aesthetics. They are often more difficult to install, however, because they have more complicated truss and rafter structures, with four sloping sides that result in a square or rectangular overall appearance.

The roofing contractors at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont can assist you with questions about shingles or commercial roofing.

Gambrel rooftops are slowly becoming more popular in domestic locations for those interested in fusing modern styles with more traditional influences. Many people know these roofs from their use in barns. While they are commonly associated with rural and pastoral homes, this roof is valued for the amount of space that it could provide in the attic. Many homeowners will use this extra space and turn it into another bedroom or general living area.

One of the lesser known styles of rooftops is the butterfly roof. While they are not as popular, they are very effective when it comes to beautifying the home and providing the attic with plenty of light and ventilation. However, these rooftops are not ideal when it comes to water drainage. If they are built in an area that frequently experiences rain and snow, it will need to be maintained regularly in order to keep it structurally intact.

When choosing the ideal roof, homeowners should remember to balance the aesthetic appeal with the functional design. Planning ahead during the early stages of the home's development will always yield positive results.

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