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You know all too well the signs of a failing roof. Your attic starts to gather more dust. Water starts leaking in from all sorts of improbable places. Trusted Longmont roofing contractors can help you find a roofing material that works best for your area. But like any invested homeowner, you want to know going in what your options are. Some of the most popular roofing materials you should consider for your next roofing job include metal, shake, composition and flat roofing.

Out of these options, metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the most popular among people who are re-roofing their home or business. The most obvious reason is the color. With metal roofing, you're not limited to the relatively small color selection of shake and composition roofing. For your business, this allows you to further decorate your office or outlet based on your company's colors, helping to increase brand recognition among potential customers.

Metal roofing is also great if you're looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance option. They're also great cold-weather options, though in warmer, sunny climates it's important to weigh climate control costs before deciding on a metal roof. However, beware that metal roofs tend to block cellular reception.

Another great option for commercial buildings is flat roofing.

The roofing contractors at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont can assist you with questions about flashing or shingles.

Flat roofing is extremely minimal as far as maintenance is concerned, and because it's generally hidden behind the roof's building facade, you don't need to worry about the roofing's appearance. Additionally, the Poly-Iso roof insulation offered by roofers is one of the top choices for insulating commercial roofs due to its thermal performance and water-proof qualities.

If you're exploring a roof remodel for your home, flat roofing tends to not have the aesthetic appeal of composition roofing. Composition roofs are made of flat, overlapping shingles and come in many varieties. While composition roofs don't come in as many colors as metal roofs, they usually hold up better against algae. Another benefit is that a composition roof shingle generally isn't made from rustable materials.

Shake roofing is a great way to get many of the benefits of composition roofs while adding an element of elegance to your home. Shake roofs are composed of shingle-like sections known as "shakes", which are made from split logs. Cedar shakes are among the most popular and are treated with fire retardant to make them as practical as they are beautiful.

So whether you choose the beauty of shake roofing or the utilitarian benefits of flat roofing, there's a world of great roofing options out there for your building. Remember to consider your building's function as well as how climate will impact your roof in the long run. With this information in mind, you're in a great position to better understand the best choice for your next roofing replacement.

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