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A home's roofing system does more than prevent a home from being destroyed by moisture and bad weather. When all of its components are in good repair, a roofing system also regulates the home's indoor temperature so that occupants are comfortable. The attic is an important part of a home's roofing system. Keeping it at its best extends the life of the shingles above it and the home below it. Longmont roofing experts know the importance of a healthy roofing system and are happy to advise homeowners on how to keep an attic in good repair.

Because of its position beneath the shingles, an average attic can heat up very quickly with temperatures easily reaching 150 degrees. The attic will retain this heat throughout the day. Unless measures are taken to decrease the attic's temperature, it will only cool at night to about 120 degrees. Temperatures that high cause the shingles to be heated from beneath as well as above, which shortens their lifespan. Additionally, the heat in the attic can radiate into the home, even if the attic is insulated, increasing the indoor temperature by an average of 10 degrees.

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If left untreated, an overheated attic could cost homeowners thousands in increased cooling costs and premature shingle replacement. Fortunately, it is an easy matter to cool an attic down. To cool an attic, it must be properly ventilated. Additionally, steps should be taken to prevent the heat from building up. These can be accomplished by installing a cool roof and by ensuring that the attic is properly ventilated.

Cool roofs are designed to reflect the sun's heat away from the roof and keep the attic at a lower temperature. Homeowners who want a cool roof have many choices. Roofers who specialize in cool roofs can help homeowners choose the right product for their climate and their roof's pitch.

Many older homes rely on passive ventilation to cool the attic; however, recent research suggests that relying on naturally occurring convection currents may not provide enough cooling. A good ventilation system makes use of soffit vents to allow cooler air to enter the attic and motorized exhaust fans in the roof to actively remove hot air from it. Solar powered vent fans are a good option because they generate their own electricity and cost homeowners nothing to operate. By consulting with a professional roofer, homeowners can be sure to install the appropriate number of vents for their attic.

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