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Roofing contractors need to be well-versed in the pros and cons of all different types of roof options if they are to provide a good range of services to their clients. The fact is that all different roofs come with their own unique mixture of pros and cons. One roof may provide benefits in one type of climate while another may not be a great option. The job of a Longmont roofing contractor is to understand how to best approach the needs of each different type of roof so that jobs can be completed smoothly and efficiently. However, it's also important for homeowners to have a working understanding of the pros and cons of their own style of roof.

Gambrel roofs are shaped like a barn roof, meaning they are a very wide "U" shape. These roofs are extremely versatile and are very common throughout the United States. One of the reasons for their popularity is their simplicity. Since it's a very simple design, it's much easier to do maintenance and general work on a gambrel roof.

Saltbox roofs are very distinctive and are built to be interesting to look at as well as functional. They are comprised of a roof that is short and slightly angled on one side. The other side is sharply angled and much longer. These roofs are excellent for shedding snow or for keeping your home warm in the winter.

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If the long end is south-facing, it can be a very useful type of roof.

Mansard roofs are a type of roof that is very common throughout California and dryer parts of Colorado. It's a roof that is typically comprised of four slopes in total. Two of the slopes are featured on the front of the home and two are featured on the side. This is a very decorative type of roof that allows for big front porches.

Gabled roofs look like triangles from the front, but can actually be comprised of a crosshatch of different triangles that create a patchwork or ridges and valleys. This is a very common design for roofs around the country because they are well-suited for a broad range of climates. In rainy climates, they shed water very fast. In snowy climates, they provide a sharp angle that is difficult for snow to cling to.

Different types of roofs require different types of work. Understanding your own type of roof can lead to a better understanding of the type of work that goes into maintaining and even replacing it when the time comes. Whether you own a home or are planning on owning a home in the future, there is a lot to be said for understanding different types of roof designs.

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