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Longmont roofing companies and roofing contractors throughout the country often stress the importance of adequate ventilation. Ventilation is crucial to limiting moisture within a roofing system and ensuring that it remains within acceptable temperature levels. Adequate ventilation also has additional benefits, including making a home easier to heat and cool, and thus more energy efficient. Nevertheless, there are many prevalent misconceptions about the purposes and benefits of roofing ventilation.

Perhaps the most common myth is that ventilation problems can be overcome by adding more ventilation. This is usually not the case. A ventilation system must be sized to the roof system just the way that a heating or AC system must be sized to the living space in a home. The rule of thumb is that a home should have 1 square foot of roof ventilation for every 300 square feet of ceiling space.

Another misconception is that vents are only necessary or important in warmer climates. This belief likely exists because of the ventilation's purpose of allowing hot air to escape from attics. However, ventilation serves a much more important role, which is preventing condensation from occurring. Prevention condensation is important in all climates but particularly necessary in cold ones.

Another reason why some believe that roof vents are only needed in warmer climates is because they think the vents allow warm air to escape the attic during cold weather.

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The problem here is the belief that an attic should be warm, which is not the case. Attics are generally not heated but rather reach a normalized temperature with the outside air. Heated attic air would actually cause a problem with condensation.

Some simply believe that roof ventilation is a farce made up by roofing companies. This could not be further from the truth. Many research studies over the years, including many funded by the government, have proven beyond doubt the positive long term effect of ventilation, and this is a major reason why ventilation specifications have been added to state and local building codes throughout the country.

Finally, roof vents on a home are not proof that a home has adequate ventilation or even any ventilation at all. Vents have been added for aesthetic purposes, and in some cases, vents that simply do not work or are part of a system that does not work have been installed. The latter largely occurs on older homes that were designed based on knowledge that has now become outdated.

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