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Choosing gutters may seem like an overwhelming task for a homeowner. Nevertheless, if gutters have cracks, holes, leaks or other signs of age and wear, they must be replaced. Signs of extensive wear include damaged, loose or missing fasteners, sagging gutters or materials pulling away from the house. Gutters typically last 10 to 15 years; therefore, most people who keep their home for a decade or more will need to purchase new gutters. Calling on a trustworthy Longmont roofing contractor can help make the process of selecting new gutters much less overwhelming.

Most of today's gutters are made of aluminum. Many contractors and homeowners favor aluminum due to its many advantages when used as a gutter material. In addition to being lightweight, anti corrosive and available in many colors, aluminum is the least expensive material. Gutters are also commonly manufactured from copper, steel, zinc and vinyl.

In addition to being made of different materials, gutters also feature different shapes and profiles. The most popular is the ogee gutter, which has a shape that is similar to that of decorative crown molding. Other shapes and profiles include fascia, European style and half round, which has become less popular due to its tendency to become clogged.

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All gutters are available in seamless and sectional constructions. Homeowners who choose sectional gutters should be aware that the joints eventually leak. However, because seamless gutters only have joints at the corners, there is a greatly reduced potential for leaking.

Homeowners must also choose from among the many types of toppers for their gutters. The most common topper styles are solid hoods and filters. Each type has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. However, solid hoods are considered by many to be the best option because they utilize a reverse curve or liquid adhesion design. A disadvantage to these two styles is that they must be installed under shingles, which may be problematic for roof warranties. They are also more difficult for the homeowner to install as a DIY project.

A trained, licensed and experienced roofing professional can help homeowners decide which gutters will best suit their functional needs and meet their decorative requirements. In addition to assisting with the selection and installation of gutters, a roofing specialist is also a helpful ally to have in maintaining a roof over time to maximize the lifespan and value of the gutters and all other components. Therefore, homeowners should shop around but choose very carefully when selecting a technician to perform work on their roof.

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