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Purchasing a replacement roofing system is never simple. Homeowners will need to think about their available budget and what type of effect they would like to create outside their home. Longmont roofing professionals can provide any variety of installation as requested, but all potential customers are strongly encouraged to review their roof material options to see what will work best. Some materials will always be better suited to certain types of roofs than others in terms of slope and aesthetic appeal.

One of the most commonly considered roofing materials available for immediate installation is asphalt. Asphalt shingles are typically divided into fiberglass and organic categories and are the most commonly used variety for domestic applications. They are frequently featured with steep slope roofing systems, and customers will always have a variety to choose from. The broad material range features all types of products, varying in all aspects from quality to color.

Wood shake shingles are another commonly chosen option. Many professionals believe that the shake shingle was the inspiration for most modern asphalt shingles. They are similar to the asphalt shingles in that they overlap each other in tight arrangements to help make the roof weatherproof. One of the downsides of this material, however, is that they will require more regular maintenance in order to help them last longer.

The roofing contractors at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont can assist you with questions about flashing or shingles.

While not as popular as asphalt or shake shingles, slate shingles are increasing in use, especially as more customers are noticing the variety of benefits that come with them. These shingles are most commonly made from slate, a sedimentary rock that is smooth and durable. The rock is split into thin sheets along its natural breaking point to create the desired shingles.

Metal is another commonly used material for roofing, particularly for flatter slopes and gradual declines. They are heavily featured in commercial locations, but they can be just as useful when applied to domestic roofing systems. They are available in many different varieties, including aluminum, tin and galvanized steel. Each metal has its own set of pros and cons, providing homeowners with even more variety.

Finally, membrane roofing options are always available as well. These can include any variety of products that do not fall under the aforementioned categories. As architectural technology continues to advance, many professionals believe that even more products will be added to this already extensive list of materials. Some common products include synthetically modified bitumen, thermoplastic materials, TPO, CPA, EPDM and many others.

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