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The roof of a home is the first line of protection from the elements. As a result, the roof is often the first part of the home to be damaged. Failure to address damages may result in eventual damage to other parts of the home. By taking proper care of a roof, the homeowner can add to its longevity and better protect the whole house. Roof replacement is expensive, and homeowners who take the time to regularly inspect and maintain their roof can ensure it will last as long as possible. Longmont roofing experts advise routine roof inspection and maintenance.

When inspecting the roof, it is important to check the shingles for damage or evidence of moss or algae growth. Algae or moss can corrode the shingle material, but it can be controlled using zinc or iron solutions. If there are any cracked or loose shingles, replace them immediately. Check flashing for any signs of damage. Repair any cracks and treat any signs of algae or mold with zinc or iron solutions. Evaluate the ridging of the roof and address any signs of damage immediately.

Basic maintenance will also help prolong the life of a roof.

The roofing companies experts at Colorado Roof Toppers of Longmont can assist you with questions about flashing or shingles.

Regularly clean the roof and gutter of any debris or garbage to prevent damage and buildup. When inspections reveal areas requiring caulking, apply the caulking immediately. Caulking will help seal juncture points on or near the roof and provide additional protection from weather damage. Remember that weather conditions such as hail or heavy winds can weaken a roof both on the top and underlying layers. If weathering is a concern, it may be wise to apply a coating to the roof to better protect from the elements. Coating is a preventative measure that can help prevent early deterioration.

Routine inspections and maintenance will help prolong the life of a roof by quickly finding and addressing any damage. In addition to these steps, following some preventative measures can help protect a roof from damage. Keep roof traffic to a minimum. When someone needs to access the roof, make sure they are wearing shoes with soft soles. If there is heavy traffic, such as a team of roofers performing repairs, secure a walkway of planks or plywood to protect the shingles. Be sure only to step on the lower middle part of roof tiles when walking on the roof. By following these precautions and making sure to perform routine maintenance and inspections, a roof life can be extended.

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