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When you are in the process of selecting the roofing material that you're going to work with, there are a lot of options laid at your feet. While there are indeed a number of different materials that you can work with, the fact is that some materials are much more popular than others. When it comes to sheer popularity and affordability, few options are as well-recognized as the standard asphalt shingle. These shingles are in use on most of the homes throughout the country and for good reason. They are a light, durable and affordable roofing material that has a very long lifespan. Due to this and many other factors, asphalt shingles can be the perfect option for many homeowners hiring Longmont roofing contractors.

One of the most commonly-cited benefits of this type of roofing is the ratio of costs to benefits. For the amount of benefits that come hand-in-hand with this type of roofing, they are surprisingly cheap. Since they are covered with a layer of bitumen, they are not susceptible to the same types of environmental hazards as roofing tile or cedar shingles. This also makes them much more durable and flexible, meaning they can withstand a reasonable amount of impact shock from falling branches. Underneath the bitumen is a flexible fiberglass or paper layer that acts as a base. The result is a very tough, very light and very affordable roofing solution.

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These shingles are also very simple to replace over time, meaning long-term maintenance will also be inexpensive. With larger roofing options like sheet metal, damage to one sheet can require a very involved replacement process. With asphalt shingles, the replacement is over and done with in a matter of hours. Of course, this depends on the exact type of roofing replacement you need to have done.

This leads into yet another benefit, which is that asphalt shingles are extremely versatile. Targeted repair work and maintenance can be much simpler with asphalt shingles since they are so easily swapped out. This can be a major benefit for homeowners who are looking for a solid balance between utility and function in their roofing material.

As with any other part of your home, selecting a roofing material can be a painstaking process. After all, you want to be sure that you're not making a mistake that you'll regret halfway through the installation process. After careful consideration, roughly three quarters of all homeowners in the United States decide to use asphalt shingles on their roof. What you get out of these shingles in terms of versatility and lifespan is surprising when taking their affordability into account. This utility alone is enough to encourage many homeowners to stick with asphalt.

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