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No matter what type of rooftop installation the homeowner has, it is important for them to keep the space below as well ventilated as possible. Longmont roofing experts will always recommend for homeowners to establish the right degree of ventilation in their attics, similar to how a furnace should always be sized appropriately for the home's needs. If the ventilation system is too large, it may end up costing the homeowner more than they will save. If the system is too small, it will not work as efficiently as it could.

Most homeowners do not realize that a well ventilated attic can be vital in providing the roof with maximum protection. In the winter, performing ordinary household duties such as doing the laundry and the dishes or taking a shower can generate enough moisture to damage the rooftop. The water vapor rises through the home, collecting along the existing insulation, wood deck, rafters and underlayment. During the summer, this heat can build up even further, causing premature aging and cracking in the wood. This will damage roofing materials, resulting in expensive repairs that will need to be performed in the future.

Fortunately, homeowners can efficiently combat these problems by investing in a balanced ventilation system. When the ventilation in the attic is kept even, the wind blowing through the ridges can create negative pressure, which draws the warm air out and keeps the cool air in.

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Strategic placement of the undereave vents will allow the cool air to flow more efficiently, while the roof's ridge cap will give the warm air the space it needs to exit. Though many may think that wind is necessary for such a process to take place, there is a natural convection that allows the roof to maintain a continuous flow of air. This system will work all year round without any need for moving parts or additional energy usage.

In order for such a system to be established, professionals will need to inspect the environment and make sure that the right ratios can be used to optimize the airflow. With a well maintained system, homeowners will promote a drier and cooler attic, helping prevent moisture from getting stuck in unwanted places. Such practices can also help inhibit the growth and appearance of rot, mildew, drywall and paint damage and mold. Those interested in optimizing the flow of air in their attics should speak with licensed professionals and ask them about their available insulation options.

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