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Homeowners interested in creating efficient ventilation in their homes can benefit from the installation of vented ridge cap shingles. As the name implies, these shingles are designed for installation on the ridge of the roof, providing the home with a variety of advantages that can supplement existing ventilation systems. Longmont roofing specialists frequently offer customers these installation services, helping them achieve the desired results in their attics. Those who are not sure about the benefits should consider some of the following pros to look forward to before they speak with the professionals.

To begin, one of the most immediate advantages that these shingles can offer customers is the chance to beautify their roofs with a higher quality of shingle. These shingles are sleek and designed to fit snugly over the ridge, accentuating the natural beauty of the roof without standing out in a distracting way, adding depth to the home's exterior.

The shingles also feature a significantly smaller chance of cracking and tearing. Standard shingles that are used to cap ridges are often too thin to handle the strain of being shaped. This can cause cracks when they are folded.

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Ridge cap shingles, on the other hand, are typically thicker and are already designed to be bent, reducing the chance of breaking and cracking.

Similarly, regular shingles bent for use as a ridge are often not reinforced properly. They will not have the adhesion necessary to stay on the ridge, which can invite all types of moisture and ventilation problems. Ridge caps will have additional adhesives set near their edges, which helps hold the shingle down. This can prevent it from blowing off in the event of heavier winds.

The nailing surface for these specialized shingles is also usually much stronger and thicker. Because ordinary shingles are often weaker and thinner, they may tear near their nail holes. With ridge capped shingles, this is never a large concern, which means that homeowners will be able to save on potential future repairs and installations.

Finally, ridge cap shingles will need no extra preparation time before they are ready to be set on the roof's surface. They are designed specifically for ridge installations, which means professionals can treat them as a standard part of any service. Ordinary shingles, though, may need to be bent and treated to prepare them for the ridge. It is recommended for all homeowners to ask about these ridge options the next time they need to have an installation performed.

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