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The roofing business is a very important industry in the United States, where 80 percent of the homes have asphalt shingle roofs that must be replaced every 20 to 80 years. In many states, a license is required to become a roofer, but some states have no regulations on a service that affects a home's safety, energy efficiency, curb appeal and value. Because there are relatively few barriers for entering this profession, many people with little expertise try to become established by offering dirt cheap materials and labor, so it's no wonder that 70 percent of complaints to the Better Business Bureau are related to roofing projects.

When looking for a Longmont roofing contractor, one of the most important things to ask about is the roofer's policy regarding ongoing employee training. Factory training gives roofers the skills needed to install roof components so that they pass a factory inspection, which is a lot more stringent than a state inspection. The reason factory inspections are so rigorous is because when a shingle company approves a roof installation, it essentially guarantees that the roof will perform as stated and that the warranty will cover any costs related to replacement.

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The shingle company's reputation and revenue are at stake, whereas the state government is only checking to make sure the roof won't fall apart during the next thunderstorm.

The roofing industry has developed a set of standards to protect homeowners from common problems related to shingle wear, and most shingle manufacturers offer non prorated warranties on their products when at least three of their system components are used in a roof. This arrangement is much better for homeowners than the non standard ratings of the past, when one manufacturer's warranty promised something completely different than another's. However, it still leaves homeowners unprotected when it comes to fires and other natural events caused by systems outside of the home's roof, such as electrical wiring and attic insulation.

To be fair to many roofers who received complaints, many angry homeowners have been disappointed in their warranty coverage and taken it out on their roofer. If they had gotten a factory inspection of the finished roof, all causes of damage would have been covered and their roofs replaced for free. By hiring GAF Master Elite contractors and having all GAF components installed, homeowners are eligible for the Golden Pledge warranty, which includes a factory inspection of the roof to make sure all likely causes of damage are eliminated. When the inspection is over, the homeowners can be sure their roof will hold up because all problems must be corrected on the spot.

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