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As a homeowner, you take out insurance policies on the things that matter to you. Your home, car, certain assets and your health are all protected by policies that pay out a dollar amount in the event of disaster. Roofing warranties act in a similar if not exactly equal way, but many homeowners neglect to take them seriously until something goes wrong. In order to protect your Greeley roofing system, you need a good warranty in place. Read on for an outline of some features of a good warranty.

A good warranty offers protection against faulty materials and, in some cases, the installation labor. In fact, if you're not going to get a guarantee on the labor, then you might as well throw the warranty away. A labor warranty helps ensure that you're covered if you discover a flaw in the installation or if the roof needs to be repaired as a result of product issues. A manufacturer's products warranty only protects the roof, and the coverage can be extremely limited.

Start by examining the cost language in the warranty. Do you see the phrase "no dollar limit" or NDL? This phrase refers to the cost of the roof, and good warranties will offer it. This means that even with inflation and materials increases, your roof will stay covered under the terms of the contract. With a dollar limit, you might end up paying a lot out of pocket to cover repairs or replacement.

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You should also be aware that almost all warranties only apply to the original owner of the roof; in some cases, it applies to the next subsequent owner, but the original owner has to provide proof of the transfer of ownership in order for the warranty to transfer. For example, let's say you buy a new roof for your home. The warranty covers that new roof only until you move. The next owner needs to buy their own warranty or depend on your ownership transfer in writing to the manufacturer or contractor.

No matter what warranty you sign, remember to check your roof at least twice a year and adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. Most warranties are rendered void if the homeowner can't show proof that they maintained their property. Note your warranty's language about maintenance to keep up your end of the bargain.

Manufacturers hesitate to pay out in a disaster; they stuff product warranties full of loophole legalese designed to excuse the company from paying. The best way to combat limited warranties is to ask detailed questions about the coverage. Your contractor will most likely offer their own warranty on products and labor, but read these carefully as well. Contractors may go out of business, and you could be stuck without recourse in that event.

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