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For many homeowners, the decision to get a new roof can be difficult because several different contractors may offer contrasting opinions on the actual condition of the roof. One contractor may tell you that the roof just needs a section of shingles repaired while another suggests a complete overhaul. How do you decide who's right? If you're in the market for a Greeley roofing upgrade, then read on to learn more about the differences between re-roofing and repairs.

Re-roofing is a costly endeavor, so it's important to start the process by talking to a variety of contractors. This might seem counter-intuitive. The more roofers you contact, the more likely you are to receive differing opinions, right? In reality, getting a few opinions can actually help you identify key factors that remain consistent about your roof. For example, you may talk to four different contractors who offer various solutions to your cracked tiles. Even though they recommend different actions, you still come away with valuable information: No matter what you decide, you have cracked tiles and need to fix them.

When it comes to repairs, here are some common problems that can be fixed without the need for re-roofing: missing shingles, granule loss, flashing damage and sealant issues around the vents.

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The best way to stay on top of roofing issues is to visually inspect your roof twice a year from a ladder or the ground using high-powered binoculars. If you notice issues like granule loss on the shingles or weak areas near the flashing, contact a roofing professional to investigate further.

In most cases, a few missing shingles can be replaced. However, if you or a contractor notices a loss of more than 20 percent of the shingles, then you probably need a new roof. Excessive granule loss can also lead to water damage, which can require a new roof. Other symptoms that indicate you may need a new roof include: poor decking, water buildup around the flashing, damp insulation in the attic, multiple layers of shingles and flaking or powdering on slate tiles.

Even if a roofing contractor recommends repairs instead of re-roofing, consider the long-term cost of the project. If your roof is nearing the end of its projected lifetime, then replacing some shingles can actually be more expensive because you'll need to replace the entire roof in a few years. A totally new roof often requires an experienced contractor to rip up the original roofing materials in order to lay down the new materials. On the other hand, certain repairs may cost just as much as a new roof in terms of total investment. Calculate the cost of repairs versus the projected lifetime of the roof in order to determine which option is best.

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