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Greeley Roofing: Article About Understanding K-style Gutters

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If you need K-style gutters installed on your roof, call the Greeley roofing specialists at Colorado Roof Toppers. We will help you figure out the best size for your home. We can install 5-inch K-style gutters in no time at all. Aluminum may be able to help you reduce your overall costs, but steel can help the durability of your gutters.

If you want a gutter to last a long time, it should be installed by a professional. Hanging your own gutter might save you money initially, but the repair costs in time, energy and cash over time can be draining if the job isn't done properly. Having your gutters professionally eliminates this risk and provides additional benefits. We provide a 25-year warranty on materials for all gutters we install. We also have a 40-year color guarantee, so you know your new gutters will last in pristine condition.

K-style gutters are a popular option for most homeowners. This style of gutter gets its name from looking somewhat like a "K" from a side angle. While some people may like rounded gutters for aesthetic reasons, the hybrid K-style gutter combines these looks with improved functionality. K-style gutters can hold more water than their rounded counterparts, which is helpful when the rain is coming down during heavy storms.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about insurance repairs or roofing repairs.

Furthermore, the additional length of the K-style gutter is much stronger than a rounded gutter.

Despite these advantages, there are still some reasons that rounded gutters may be right for you. Rounded gutters tend to be easier to clean than K-style as leaves or other debris can get caught in the upper lip of the newer models. If there are a lot of trees on or near your property, you may want to consider rounded style gutters for this reason.

We install our gutters with 26-gauge steel because it makes them more durable than standard aluminum gutters. Aluminum can bend and break down over a period of time, but steel is much stronger and can last longer. When your gutters are full of frozen ice, you will be glad you have steel gutters instead of aluminum ones. The initial costs might be a bit higher than aluminum, but it is worth it for most families. If you have children at home, you do not want blocks of ice falling from your gutters. Additionally, icicles do not stick to steel as well as they stick to aluminum, reducing the prevalence of this hazard.

When planning out your gutter system, don't forget about downspouts. These are what allows drainage to get to ground level and keeps the gutters from overflowing. While these do not need to be placed every couple of feet, they should be spaced frequently enough to allow proper drainage during most storms.

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