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Once scorned for their domed 1980s aesthetic and their issues with leaking, cracking and discoloring, today's skylights are a far cry from their brittle, bubble-shaped and yellowed-plastic past. Increasingly popular additions to home rooftops, modern skylights offer a wide range of innovative energy savings and tax advantages. And, they provide the natural lighting that boosts emotional well-being and productivity. Those benefits make skylights appealing, profitable additions to any home or office.

With all of the high-tech skylights on the market and important energy savings at stake, choosing the right skylight style and determining its proper placement takes careful consideration. Installing a skylight so that it resists leaking and doesn't cause roofing issues is even more important, so it's best to research options and consult with a trusted Greeley roofing professional for advice and installation.

While researching skylight choices, homeowners should consider the size of their interior spaces and what they hope to gain from an addition to the home's fenestration system.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about skylights or roofing repairs.

Do rooms tend to gain too much heat on warm, summer afternoons, leading to a need for a skylight that provides heat ventilation? Are homeowners looking for a way to add natural light to the home so they can avoid using electrical lighting during the day? Or, is there just a desire to take advantage of the region's 244 days of sunshine and maximize natural light during shorter, grayer winter days?

For easy, money-saving room ventilation, today's skylights are extremely effective. Many, present-day skylights are equipped with solar-powered wireless systems that allow residents to effortlessly open the skylight with the push of a remote control button. Some also have moisture sensors that trigger the window's closing mechanism when the weather turns rainy, and still others offer built-in blinds that can be closed when light or heat is too intense.

Cutting-edge skylights that maximize natural light without causing interior heat gain offer even more diverse options. Tubular skylights use a variety of reflectors and lenses to direct natural light from the rooftop, through attics and into living spaces for a captivating interior glow. These versatile lights bring light into nearly any room in the house while preventing daytime heat gain and nighttime heat loss.

All told, the energy advantages of today's skylights are abundant. EnergyStar and National Fenestration Research Council rating labels make it easy for homeowners to compare skylights' various energy benefits. Replacing older, less efficient products with EnergyStar skylights and other fenestrations can cut a home's energy costs 7 to 15 percent. Installing new skylights may also qualify homeowners for a number of cost-saving federal, state and local tax incentives and credits.

Adding light to a home can be a terrific way to save energy and uplift a home's ambiance, and modern skylights are the perfect way to achieve those goals.

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