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Because a home's energy usage is dramatically affected by home comfort systems, it is easy to focus on central heating and cooling equipment in an attempt to cut costs. However, the building envelope of a home plays a major role in the energy performance of the structure, making it important to address problems with the envelope when the goal is to improve comfort levels in the home and reduce energy usage. Greeley Roofing can provide assistance in dealing with efficiency issues related to a home's roofing system, a significant portion of the envelope.

Installing a cool roof can be an important measure when seeking energy savings in a hot climate but may not be necessary in a climate of harsh winters and mild summers. In fact, increasing the solar reflectance of a roof in a cooler zone could result in higher heating costs. Therefore, it is important to discuss the option with a roofing contractor to ensure that this approach to seeking better energy performance is truly appropriate.

The existence of leaks and other compromises in the building envelope can contribute to energy loss, an issue that warrants seeking better energy management in the home.

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Roof protrusions at vents, dormers and other spots can result in leaks that allow not only water but also air to move in and out of certain areas. While air movement into the attic from the roof may not be a serious concern, there may be an impact on household comfort at dormers. A seasonal inspection of the roof may be a good idea so that leaks are identified and repaired.

The attic plays a major role in both the integrity of the roofing system and in the excessive use of energy for maintaining home comfort levels. Attic insulation can make a major difference in energy loss; therefore, it is wise to consider adding insulation where it is low. If the floor joists in the attic can be seen, additional material can be added to increase the barrier between living spaces and the ventilated portion of the attic. Home energy performance can be improved by up to 10 percent if the envelope is tightly sealed and sufficient insulation is used.

Ventilation must be maintained in the attic to ensure that the home and the roof do not overheat. Soffit vents allow air to move in this space, and they should be inspected prior to the heating and cooling seasons to ensure that air movement is not restricted. Additionally, it is important to inspect soffit vents after major wind storms.

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