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It may not always be obvious when it's time to replace a roof. If a homeowner waits until water is dripping down interior walls, the entire home can suffer with damage to carpets, furnishings, drywall, ceilings and even the home's foundation. By replacing a roof that has many good years left, consumers may spend money before its necessary and potentially rush into a product that doesn't suit the home.

Since a roof is one of the home's most important structures and investments, it pays for homeowners to take a little responsibility for inspecting their roofs twice a year and scheduling annual maintenance visits with a quality Greeley roofing contractor.

Homeowners can start their own semi-annual roof inspection by checking the attic, ceilings and interior walls for evidence of leaks. Warning signs of roof issues may be present as brown stains or wet spots on the ceiling or walls. In the attic, a sagging roof deck above the rafters may indicate a large, potentially damaging leak.

Once the interior is explored, homeowners should walk around the outside of the house, examining the roof, gutters, drip edges and eaves. Evidence of aging or damaged roofs can show up in a variety of spots, so a quick exam may catch a problem early.

Excessive amounts of a sand-like grit in the gutters, for instance, can indicate that the asphalt shingles are losing too many of their protective granules. Loss of those granules can also cause shingles to have charcoal-colored or black spots.

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Why is this important? Without those granules, shingles can't resist harsh weather conditions, and they become brittle, cracked or broken, leading to potential leaks.

Homeowners should also look for missing or loose shingles. While missing shingles should always be replaced, an experienced roofer will also check to make sure that the loose shingles aren't a result of a deeper problem like a deteriorating tar strip. Similarly, cracked, curled or buckled shingles need replacement and the cause explored.

Next, if homeowners see moss or algae growing on large portions of the roof, it needs to be addressed immediately. Their roofers may clean the moss or recommend the roof be replaced. Moss can burrow into the shingles themselves, expand and cause significant damage to the roof's layers, so it should be taken very seriously.

Other warning signs of roofing issues involve the structure's flashing. From the ground, homeowners should look at the flashing around the eaves, rakes, chimney and skylights. Is there evidence of the flashing coming loose or the caulking cracking? Water can seep into those loose edges or cracks, so any signs of flashing loosening should be quickly addressed by a roofer.

Maintaining a roof by clearing out gutters and watching for warning signs are good preventative measures. Regular maintenance by an experienced roofer can also help identify issues before they become larger, more costly problems.

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