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The life of a roofing system can be affected dramatically by the structural elements in the attic. Ventilation is also an essential factor in maintaining an attic's good condition. A Greeley Roofing professional can inspect an entire roofing system to ensure that structural elements are intact and functioning correctly. This may be handled during seasonal maintenance each fall or spring as a homeowner prepares for coming harsh weather conditions. Vents should be checked for blockages and damage, being cleaned, fixed, or replaced as needed.

Normal wear and tear can cause part of the roof to deteriorate. Vents are crucial in the roofing system, allowing the air in the attic to move efficiently so that a roof does not overheat. It may seem counterproductive because vents allow outside air to infiltrate the home. However, attic insulation creates a barrier to prevent that air from moving into living spaces. Sufficient levels of attic insulation can ensure that energy used in the living spaces is not wasted. Meanwhile, the air circulating in the attic promotes the moisture and temperature control necessary in this portion of the roofing system.

A hot roof can result in the deterioration of shingles and other materials. It can also contribute to problems such as an ice dam formation during the winter months. Without proper air circulation, condensation can form in the attic.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about roofing repairs or wind damage.

This can lead to the rotting of wood joists and other wood structural components, which may result in the necessity of major structural repairs. Condensation in the attic can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. These biomaterials are known for their potential impact on health, triggering allergic responses or other symptoms of illness. Metal can also rust as moisture condenses in the attic. If air ducts pass through this space, rust could lead to leaks in those ducts, resulting in a potentially major energy loss and home comfort problems.

There are several types of vents used in attics. Soffit vents are located below the eaves of the home. Soffits cover the space between the walls and the eaves, and vented soffits are placed strategically to facilitate air movement. Ridge vents are located at the ridge of the roof, positioned so that as hot air rises, it can escape. Gable vents are positioned at the ends of a home in the top of a gable area. Additional vents may be placed in various locations. These may include standard units that simply allow air to move in and out of the space. They may also include powered units that actively move air in or out of the space.

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