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Will a new roof increase the resale value of your home? As a homeowner, you may have asked this question as you prepare to list your home for sale. With a shaky but recovering real estate market and seemingly endless options to increase or decrease your home's value, you may have trouble deciding whether the cost of new Greeley roofing will generate a healthy return. If you're planning to sell your home, then here are some helpful tips about the re-roofing process that may help you make a better home improvement decision.

On the downside, a new roof is expensive. You may pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for a new roof with asphalt shingles on the low end of the spectrum. Depending on the experience level of the contractor, your location, availability of materials and other factors, you could pay much more. On average, a mid-range roof can cost as much as $10,000 or more for a family home. One thing to note is that if you need extensive repairs due to excessive damage, leaks or potentially hazardous conditions discovered by a contractor during an inspection, then you need to go ahead and replace the roof.

In terms of positives, new roofs offer a variety of benefits that can make up for the cost. You might enjoy reduced energy bills, a more comfortable home environment and better curb appeal in addition to the potential for increased resale value.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about skylights or wind damage.

Today's roofing materials have evolved from traditional products, and you can even choose solar-reflective asphalt shingles to increase your home's energy efficiency. A new roof may also include a significantly longer lifetime warranty.

While you will most likely never recover a dollar-for-dollar value on the cost of a new roof, you may recoup as much as 85 percent of your investment when you sell your home. This ROI ranks highly on a list of home improvement projects such as remodeling the bathroom or finishing your basement. In fact, compared with other projects like installing a backup generator, re-roofing could yield a significantly higher ROI when you close the deal. The reason you can expect a high return is because buyers look to the roof as a source of negotiation.

Buyers look for ways to reduce the listed price of your home because, like everyone else, they want a good deal with minimal hassle. New roofs cost real money, and even the suggestion that your roof needs repairs will lead to a negotiation in price. You can offset this reduction by offering proof of the roof's recent renovations. Even if you don't recoup the cost of the new roof, you will enjoy a more advantageous position when it comes to negotiations with potential buyers.

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