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Taking care of your roof requires routine maintenance to prevent water damage from devastating your home. If left unattended, clogged or leaking gutters can allow water to seep in through the roof and down into the house. While you're carefully investigating your gutters twice annually to make sure they're in good shape, you may notice a few cracks or clogs in your downspout or the gutter itself. If you discover some damaged areas, then you may be able to repair them yourself.

Major gutter damage will require the skilled work of a Greeley roofing specialist, but many minor cracks and problem areas can be treated using readily available supplies from your local hardware store. Leaks are common in household gutters because of the wear and tear this portion of the house receives each season, and the impact of hail and other small objects over time can loosen the gutters and clog the downspout. Rest assured that you can take care of these issues yourself with some effort.

For leaks, pick up some silicone sealer at your neighborhood home improvement store. Apply the sealant at the seams of the gutters. If you have metal gutters that are leaking, then you probably need to replace the gutters entirely because patches won't last.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about wind damage or skylights.

Vinyl gutters can be repaired more easily, which makes them a popular choice among homeowners, but steel gutters last longer.

If you've noticed a clog, then the repair should be much simpler. First, remove the downspout from the pipe. Take a hose and attach a small nozzle to the end of it. Pointing up from the bottom of the drain spout, shoot the water at full pressure through the spout. This should dislodge any excess debris from the spout. Reattach the downspout to the gutter and flush it out once more with the hose.

If you still notice clogging, then take a plumbing snake and manually dislodge any remaining debris. For standing water that refuses to drain, you may need to adjust the gutter hangers by fixing the angle of the slope or repairing the gutter hangers. This process can require taking out the existing gutters, but you could also replace them with hangers that use self-tapping screws.

Water damage costs homeowners thousands of dollars each year, but you can easily prevent major disasters by monitoring your roof for signs of water infiltration or installing a sturdy gutter guard to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the gutter. One of the best ways to safeguard your home against damage is to take good care of your gutters by checking them in late spring and fall. If you still notice problems, contact a professional to assess the need for replacement gutters.

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