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Greeley Roofing: Article About Protecting Your Investment From Ice Dams

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Working with an experienced Greeley roofing contractor is the proactive way to protect your property from damages that could occur. Whether you have noticed icicles during prolonged freezing periods or are concerned about the effects of cold weather on your home's energy consumption, a preventive maintenance inspection could ensure that your property is in excellent condition. An experienced roofer can determine whether your home has hidden issues. Ice dams are a common problem that can easily be addressed with the proper amount of ventilation and underlayment.

During an ice dam, freezing and thawing water along the eaves and in the gutter can cause water to back up underneath a finished layer of roofing. This can cause water damage to plywood, rafters and interior insulation. A professional roofing contractor in Greeley could recommend a complete solution that increases the amount of air circulation and minimizes the temperature difference between air along the exterior wall lines. To improve the amount of hot air that exits an attic, Greeley homeowners have several options. A continuous ridge vent can be installed along a home's ridge, or vents can be installed every several feet.

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The ventilation should provide ample circulation for the square footage of a particular property, so it's a good idea to discuss what's needed with an experienced roofer. Soffit ventilation can be used in conjunction with ridge vents to create a steady stream of air. Eave vents are usually installed along the exterior wall line and let cold air enter the attic area.

Using a specially designed underlayment can also address the risks that are present with an ice dam. Products are available that can adhere directly to the plywood at the bottom of a roof, along the eaves. This underlayment can prevent any water from coming into contact with the finished roof. For optimal results, the underlayment should extend a certain number of feet past the exterior wall line where the temperature differential is most noticeable.

Having the proper-sized gutters is another essential consideration when you're protecting your home from the damages that an ice dam could cause. Smaller gutters that aren't equipped for the volume of water on a large roof could cause standing water to persist, freeze and turn into a dam. Downspouts should be installed in the proper spot to avoid the chances of erosion along the exterior wall lines. With gutters, there are a variety of materials that can be used, and a high-quality product, like steel, can withstand the effects of corrosion.

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