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Greeley Roofing: Article About Pinpointing and Solving Roof Leaks

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Whether a home is in a desert or mountainous region, every roof must withstand strong weather systems. Rain pounds the rooftop materials, allowing all moisture to slough off into nearby drains. However, small cracks and crevices in roofing materials allow moisture to slowly work its way into the home. Pinpointing leaks before they damage too much of the internal structure is up to the attention of the homeowner and periodic Greeley roofing contractor maintenance visits.

To combat any water damage, homeowners should always be on the lookout for stains across walls or ceilings. When a Greeley contractor begins their leak detection processes, simple observations are the first course of action. Following any stains to their point of origin tends to uncover the main leaking issue.

Attic inspections are composed of tried-and-true tactics to locate any damage at the structural level. Evaluate beams and rooftop undersides for any moisture. Touch areas that appear suspect. Any wet or soggy wood conditions should be noted for location purposes on the exterior of the home.

One major concern for homeowners is the development of black mold. If homeowners see any growths in the attic or even in rooms below, they shouldn't touch it. This mold could be harmful if breathed in. Greeley contractors are accustomed to determining damage, including mold proliferation.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about roofing repairs or skylights.

This mold's presence tells contractors the leak has been active for some time.

Homeowners discovering a leak on their own should write down all the leak locations. This information is crucial to contractor success on the roof. An area that appears to be clear could have extensive issues just below the underlayment. Leaks that are difficult to see with the naked eye are often found through homeowner diligence.

Allow the contractor to fix the roof as necessary before repairing the interior. Unless the contractor requires an interior part to be replaced, such as a supportive beam, repairs are more successful with no active leaks. If new wood is installed while a leak is still occurring, homeowners run the risk of creating the same water damage again.

Work with the contractor to create an estimate for repairs. If there are extensive leaks, the roof could require a substantial overhaul. New underlayment and shingles are common replacements in these cases. The home should have a strong protector installed under the roof that maintains the interior surfaces and air quality. Contractors help homeowners achieve a functional home once again with precise pricing and generous payment terms. Remember that a leaking roof only gets worse with the passage of time.

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