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If you're a handy homeowner who enjoys DIY projects, then installing your own gutters can be a great way to save on the cost of professional service. But before you embark on this labor-intensive project, consider your own limitations and the reality of the time and cost commitment. While you may not need a Greeley roofing professional to install sectional gutters, hiring a contractor is not that expensive when compared with factors such as personal risk and long-term durability. Keep in mind that seamless gutters must be installed by a licensed professional due to the customized nature of these gutters, but sectional gutters can be installed using materials found at your local hardware store along with the help of a few friends.

Installing your own gutters offers several advantages. Most importantly, you can save a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. More than saving money, doing your own gutters allows you total control of the project and the opportunity to learn a valuable piece of home maintenance. Gutters protect your home from water accumulation, and taking care of them year-round will yield better results. Plus, you can find a variety of detailed installation videos and tutorials to help you complete the task in a weekend.

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While embarking on a DIY gutter project can be rewarding, it can also be dangerous and sometimes as expensive in the long run as hiring a professional. Consider all of the factors that go into installation: You'll need to calculate the drainage runoff, measure the eaves exactly, design a layout scheme that perfectly adheres to your architecture, buy the materials and perform all of the labor. Add to these steps the fact that you could get injured or be thwarted by an ill-timed storm.

With a professional, you don't have to worry about these considerations. Many people opt for the professional route because it means less time and worry on a personal level. Contractors have the necessary skill level to assemble and install gutters quickly and accurately the first time, and this ability may actually save you money in the long run.

This biggest drawback to using a professional roofing contractor is the price tag. The average cost of gutter installation by a professional depends on the size of your home, materials used and the labor involved. Vinyl gutters cost less than aluminum or steel, but they don't last as long as sturdier varieties. You can expect to pay between $3 and $5 dollars per linear foot for vinyl materials alone. For more expensive varieties that require pricier materials and more extensive work, you may pay as much as $16 or more per linear foot for installation, and that doesn't include the cost of labor.

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