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Greeley Roofing: Article About Importance Of Gutter Maintenance

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No matter where you live, rain and seasonal storms will drop loads of debris and dirt onto your roof. Gutters provide protection for your whole house by keeping water runoff from windows and doors and reducing the risk of damage due to water buildup. It's important to have a high-quality gutter installed to collect runoff from inclement weather.

Over time, your gutters will accumulate excess, and eventually you may face a serious water problem if you don't take the time to clean out your gutters. Insurance companies may not reimburse you for water damage caused by gutter buildup because they consider it your job to take care of your gutters, and a warranty may not cover repair for the same reason.

Thanks to home improvement stores and online tutorials, maintaining your gutters on your own has never been easier. You could hire a professional Greeley roofing expert to maintain gutters and downspouts after a busy season, but routine cleaning should do the trick for preventing major issues.

Before you begin, gather the necessary tools. You'll need a ladder, a bucket for gathering clumps of leaves and dirt, a trowel or shovel, and a simple garden hose. If you can find an attachment for the hose designed for gutter cleaning, then make sure to learn how to operate it. If not, use the hose as-is very carefully as described below.

Never stand on the roof to clean your gutters.

A roofer from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about insurance repairs or wind damage.

In general, you should minimize the amount of time you spend on your roof in order to avoid causing damage. To clean the gutters, stand on a ladder and start near the downspout. Use the shovel or trowel to scoop out excess debris and dump it into the bucket. Move slowly and steadily around the house until you've finished removing all debris.

After you've removed the clumps, use a garden hose to gently flush out smaller bits of dirt and debris. Be very careful when you do this. Water can easily penetrate the roof, and you want to ensure that you mitigate the potential for water damage. If the water doesn't run off like it should, then stop and check for debris you may have missed. Loosen any remaining debris and continue. If the water still doesn't drain, then you may have an issue with your downspout.

If you notice an excessive amount of debris or buildup, then you should consider installing a gutter guard, especially if you live in areas that receive an abundance of rain or storms. Gutter guards can be purchased by the foot at home improvement stores or installed by a contractor using professional-grade material. In either case, a gutter guard will help reduce the amount of runoff that builds up in your gutters throughout the year and save you time on maintenance.

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