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Leaks are among the most common and frustrating problems with roofing systems. Damages can range from minor to serious depending on the nature of a leak, and finding the source of the problem can be difficult. A homeowner may choose to do some troubleshooting and repair, but in cases of leaks that are difficult to find or that continue to be problematic in spite of DIY fixes, it may be helpful to contact Greeley Roofing for professional repair services.

As a leak is observed, prompt attention is the best way to limit future problems. A DIY inspection may provide clues as to the source of a leak, and it is important to work systematically to pinpoint the location of the problem. Taking a flashlight into the attic, a homeowner can look for obvious signs such as light shining into the attic through the roof. Dark spots on walls or the ceiling may signal leaks. Rotting wood, mold and soggy insulation may also signal the location of a leak.

It is important to remember that water may flow before finding a location at which to infiltrate the underlayment and decking, making it important to use these signs of damage as a starting point in the search for structural problems.

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The attic may have visible penetrations such as nails protruding, also known as shiners. These may collect moisture during cold weather, allowing condensation to drip. While this is not a serious leak issue, the matter can be addressed by clipping the protruding nail.

After inspecting the attic and identifying suspected leak locations, it may be helpful to visually inspect the roof from outside. An individual who is not comfortable with walking on the roof may want to defer to a professional for assistance at this point. A homeowner who is comfortable with accessing the roof should still be careful to avoid falling or unexpectedly damaging the roofing system. It is helpful to look uphill from the suspected leak location. Investigate issues such as torn rubber, cracked caulking at dormers and other connections, missing shingles and protrusions. Decay near chimneys and other protrusions could be responsible. There could be holes left from the installation or removal of roof-mounted satellite equipment or antennas as well.

If damage is still not obvious, it may be helpful to work with a partner. As one individual observes in the attic, the other can spray water onto the roof from a garden hose, starting low and working upward until water begins to drip into the attic. As the approximate point is identified, a more focused inspection of the shingles, flashing and other materials can be completed.

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