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In most areas of the country, homeowners buy a roof only once in a lifetime. Because of the time and cost involved, selecting the right roof for your home is a major decision that can take weeks of research. While choosing a quality roof is important, finding a reputable Greeley roofing contractor is just as crucial. You may know what to look for in a roofer, but do you know what to ask before he or she starts working? Homeowners can sometimes be swayed by inexpensive labor costs, but a good deal isn't always the hallmark of an honest company. Read on to find out the right questions to ask your contractor.

For starters, you should always call and interview at least three professionals after you've narrowed down your choices from a larger list. Ask friends and family if they recommend a company, and check online directories. Take online reviews with a grain of salt; overly bitter or overly positive reviews can be equally misleading.

Once you've narrowed down the list, call the company and ask for an on-site estimate. Because these people will be working on your home, they need to see the home in person and perform accurate measurements. Avoid companies that offer sight-unseen estimates.

In terms of the materials used, ask prospective contractors about their business relationship with local or wholesale hardware suppliers. Most reputable, long-term companies use local sources for their supplies because they can negotiate deals.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about wind damage or roofing repairs.

This doesn't mean that a contractor who shops at a brand-name home improvement store performs at a lower quality, but you can usually gauge a contractor's familiarity with their craft by their relationship with hardware companies. If you don't understand the information they give you on parts, ask them to explain it. Doing so will also allow you to assess their attitude; avoid contractors who are condescending when using industry-specific jargon.

For the process itself, ask potential roofers about their typical method. Do they strip off the old roof to install a new one, or do they layer shingles over the existing base? Will they perform a moisture survey to determine the possibility of water damage? How do they protect gutters and the rest of your property while they work on your roof? How long does the warranty last, and what will be covered? Write out a list of questions before you call so that you can reference it later.

Feel free to ask detailed questions. Good contractors will supply ready answers for these questions because they've been in business long enough. Don't base a contract hire on appearance alone; a mediocre contractor can get away with shoddy work just by using better-looking shingles and membrane roofing. Choose a high bid from an established contractor to ensure dependable work.

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